Success Journey

The Saudi Public Transport Company (SAPTCO) embarked on its journey in 1979, coinciding with the government's initiation of the public transportation concept in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SAPTCO was established with an initial capital of 1,000 million Saudi Riyals. In 2007, the capital was augmented to 1,250 million riyals, elevating SAPTCO to the status of Saudi joint-stock company and marking it as the inaugural national land carrier. This distinction came with a concession spanning 45 years, concluding on October 15, 2023.

SAPTCO fleet stands out for its extensive variety, boasting over 3,250 distinct vehicles outfitted with state-of-the-art systems tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clientele. Complementing this diverse fleet are our skilled human resources, comprising over 1,997 male and female employees across various roles, including drivers, technicians, and administrators. Our dedicated team ensures that we deliver the excellence and satisfaction our customers seek, whether on domestic routes or across international borders.

Our Vision

To craft and elevate secure, premium mobility experiences for our customers, establishing ourselves as the foremost national ground transport innovator.

Our Mission

To deliver a world-class customer experience, making our services the most compelling choice for mobility and travel solutions.

Our Values

Continuous Improvement

Group Companies

Our organizational structure forms the foundation from which we delineate tasks, responsibilities, and our interactions with subsidiaries. As such, we regularly revise it to meet challenges and adapt to evolving landscapes.


SAPTCO in Figures


SAPTCO Over Time

Exclusive operator of the public transport network between cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Evolution and expansion in domestic and international public transport services

Distinguishing in service delivery through partnerships:

  • Providing transportation for over 200,000 students (SEITCO) in partnership with Emirates Transport.
  • Operating the public transport network in Riyadh in partnership with RATP.
  • Operating 2 out of 6 metro lines in Riyadh (CAMCO) in partnership with RATP

Transitioning to advanced models focusing on digital solutions for business diversification such as urban contracts, B2B, Hajj and Umrah, and aligning with Vision 2030 initiatives, including smart transportation means like introducing modern electric buses

2019 and ahead

Chairman’s Statement


SAPTCO is committed to sustaining its successful journey, which spans over 45 years, to fortify our leadership position and contribute to the growth and development of the transportation industry. We draw upon extensive experience, innovative tools, and unwavering commitment in all our present and future endeavors.

Eng. Khalid Abdullah Al Hogail

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors serves as the supreme authority within SAPTCO, tasked with overseeing management, directing affairs, and establishing overarching policies. Presently, the Board comprises the following members:

H. E. Mr. Musaeid Abdulaziz Aldawood

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Turki Mousaed Al Mubarak

Vice Chairman of the Board

Eng. Khalid Abdullah Al Hogail

CEO Board Member

Dr. Saud Muhammad AlNimir

Board Member

Mr. Yasir Aldawood

Board Member

Mr. Waleed Alhabib

Board Member

Global Memberships

Investing toward a brighter future

SAPTCO is dedicated to exploring cutting-edge advancements in transportation, alongside fostering innovative solutions with leading international companies specializing in various transportation sectors, both locally and globally. As a member of numerous regional and international organizations and global entities, including the International Association of Public Transport, the International Road Transport Union, the National School Transport Association, and the Arab Land Transport Federation, SAPTCO serves as a representative and influencer in the transportation industry.

Awards and Certificates

We harvest success through accomplishments

SAPTCO has attained numerous milestones in both domestic and international transportation, earning accolades and certifications. This success is attributed to its unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional, high-quality services aligned with ISO 9001 international standards. The company consistently meets the diverse needs of its customers, staying true to its vision and objectives.

In 2018, SAPTCO acquired the quality and safety certification, underscoring its commitment to delivering a comfortable and secure transportation journey for its customers. This achievement reflects SAPTCO's longstanding and unwavering dedication to excellence in the transportation sector.

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