Saptco and the provided services

Does SAPTCO provide services or special offers to people with special needs?

  • Yes. The Company provides people with special needs with a discount of 50% i.e., the return trip is provided to them free of charge.

Do people with special needs receive faster service, when travelling to key stops?

Yes, certain places have been set up to serve people with special needs, in order to facilitate and finalize their procedures faster. 

What are the requested documents for travel, using SAPTCO?

All travelers should bring one of the following documents: original national ID – residence certificate – passport.

Is there any compensation for lost items?

As per the Company’s policy, there is no compensation for items lost inside the bus. It is the responsibility of the customer. Such lost items can only be searched for. 

What is the allowed weight?

For Internal Trips:
An allowed weight of 75 kg for luggage, for a full adult ticket, and 35 kg for a half ticket for children aged from 2 – 12 years old. Then, one (1) Riyal shall be charged against each extra kilogram. 
For International Trips (GCC Countries):
An allowed weight of 50 kg for luggage, for a full adult ticket, and 25 kg of luggage, for half ticket holders (children aged from 2 – 12 years). Then, two (2) Riyals shall be charged against each extra kilogram. Further, the weight of one piece may not exceed 25 kg. 
For International Trips (to Egypt):
An allowed weight of 100 kg of luggage, for full tickets (adults), and 50 kg of luggage, for half-price tickets (or as may be acknowledged by the Company). Then, three (3) Riyals shall be charged against each extra kilogram. Further, customers are permitted to carry one extra bag in SAPTCO buses, not exceeding 25 kilos maximum. Three (3) Riyals shall be added against each extra kilogram.
The size of each piece of luggage shall be appropriate for the area of luggage stores in the bus, as per the Company policy, and must not exceed the following dimensions:  width: 50 cm – length: 90 cm – height: 40 cm 

My luggage has been damaged or lost. What should I do?

​If your luggage is damaged or lost upon arrival at your destination, it is necessary to inform the officials at the terminus, immediately on arrival up to a maximum 15 minutes following your arrival. According to Company policy, SAPTCO is not responsible for any loss. However, in the case of lost luggage, the Company will compensate the customer up to a maximum of SAR 350 per piece, after completing the regular procedures and providing the lost luggage’s receipt.

Can I smoke on the bus?

Smoking is not allowed on all SAPTCO buses.

Does the bus have a first aid box for emergencies?

All SAPTCO buses are provided with basic safety measures (fire extinguisher – spare tire – emergency exits - first aid box).  

Is one allowed to bring pets on the trip?

As per Company policy, passengers are not allowed to bring pets with them on to the bus.

Are there extra costs in the case of traveling with more luggage than reserved?

You should pay an extra cost, if your luggage exceeds the permitted weight as per the trip type (internal – international – GCC).

How long does the bus stop at terminals?

The bus stops at terminals for 45 minutes on all routes.

What is the bus’s speed during the trip?

As per applicable laws, the maximum bus speed on highways shall not exceed 90 km/ hr. SAPTCO is keen to adhere to safety standards and controls its buses via satellite tracking systems, for maintaining the safety of customers.

Is the driver compelled to undertake a trip, in the midst of harsh climatic circumstances?

This depends on the situation and the sev erity of the weather.

Is the bus subject to maintenance, prior to starting off?

All SAPTCO buses are subject to scheduled and periodical maintenance, and are checked, prior to starting off. 

What are the official hours of agents’ offices across the Kingdom?

The official hours of agents’ offices vary from one city to another. You can find out more by visiting our website or by contacting the Kingdom-wide number:  920000877.

Are meals served on economic trips?

As per Company policy, no meals are served on economic trips. 

Are all buses provided with a refrigerator?

Yes, all buses are provided with a refrigerator. 

Can we give the driver a parcel or papers to be delivered?

Sorry, we are not permitted to deliver parcels, nor papers. We would ask you to request assistance from the authorized companies.

How can I check ticket prices and schedules?

You can check the ticket prices and schedules by visiting our website:; by contacting the following number – 920000877; or by visiting our social media accounts: Twitter or Facebook “@saptco SA”. 

What if an error is made when booking via the website?

In such a case, please contact the customer service at the following number - 920000877 - informing them of the problem.

Will I be informed in case a trip is delayed or cancelled?

​In case a trip is delayed or cancelled, you will receive an SMS on the mobile number that was registered when booking. Please, make sure you give the correct mobile number when making your reservation. 

What compensation will I receive, if my SAPTCO trip is cancelled?

If your SAPTCO trip is cancelled, you will have one of the following options:
The ticket shall be transferred to the nearest trip, if available – amending the date, if there is not an appropriate trip available.

What do I need to do if I want to amendmy ticket?

You can amend the trip time via the website or at one of our offices. If you wish to change the destination, you need to visit one of our offices. If the value of the ticket after amendment equals its price prior to the amendment, no additional fees shall be applied. However, if the price after amendment is higher, the price difference shall be paid.

How can I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation by one of the following methods:
*In case of booking via the Internet and paying by credit card (Visa / Master Card): via the website.
* In case of booking at offices or agents and paying in cash, you can visit one of the main offices.
* In case of cancelling and applying for recovery of the ticket value, 35% of the ticket value shall be discounted against the cancellation fees.

What are the available payment methods, in case of booking via the website?

In case of booking via the website, you can use a credit card (Visa / Master Card) or pay via the SADAD System.

Can I make instant and reservation, without the need to book an advance reservation?

Yes, you can visit one of our offices or agents, for booking a trip. But you need to reach the office or agent at least one (1) hour prior to the departure of an internal trip, and within two (2) hours prior to the departure of an international trip.

How can I get the ticket, in case of booking and paying via the website?

You will receive an SMS sent to your registered phone number with a link to the ticket. Therefore, please make sure that you add a correct number during the booking. You can alsoget the ticket via the website or via your registered e-mail, in which case you will receive an e-mail with your ticket.

What is the validity of a ticket for use between cities?

The ticket shall be valid for use or refund for six (6) months from the purchase date, noting that in case of a refund, a cancellation fee of 35% of ticket price shall be applied.

In case of booking for a ticket, and the trip appointment is 12 a.m. – can I get into the bus?

You cannot get into the bus, except by migrating the ticket on part of the office or agent. The driver shall not have the right in transferring the passengers even upon presenting the ticket, in the event the trip is closed. However, the customer can get into the bus, as long as the trip is not closed. 

Are there special discounts for students?

Yes, there is a discount of 50% for students, for round trips – i.e., the return trip shall be free. SAPTCO will also provide offers for university personnel and their families. You can find out more by visiting the following page:

Are there special discounts for retirees?

SAPTCO provides offers for retirees and their families on economic trips with excellent services.
You can find out more by visiting the following page:

How can I use a promotional code?

Enter your promotional code in the relevant cell on the website when searching for your trip. Then, the discount percentage will be automatically applied.  

What is the definition of “external transportation”?

- Transportation between cities.
- International transportation.
- The Excellent Service.

What is the definition of “transportation between cities”?

It is the transportation of passengers using the network of roads connecting the Kingdom’s cities and villages. These services are Kingdom-wide, and are low cost. On a daily basis, trips start off from thirteen (13) termini, and connect over 380 cities and villages with regular routes on some 650 daily trips. The transportation routes between cities are considered a major support for encouraging internal tourism, and developing and promoting the culture of travel across the Kingdom. 

What are the services of international transportation?

SAPTCO provides passengers with international transportation using modern and safe buses, from the Kingdom to most neighboring countries including GCC states and other Arab countries, such as U. A. E., Egypt, Bahrain, and Sudan. There is also a Yemen route in cooperation with another company, which manages all aspects of that itinerary.

What is the “Excellent Service”?

Luxury and excellent trips that are direct and non-stop for both short and medium range trips. Special services are provided for passengers, inside and outside the bus.

What are the features of the “Excellent Service”?

- Modern and spacious buses (only 30 seats)
- Direct (non-strop) trips.
- Light meals.
- Hot drinks.
- Wi- fi.
- Ports for electrical charging.
- Comfortable seats supplied with display screens (entertainment content – live – radio – movies – Islamic variety – children programs) in Arabic and English.

What are the routes covered by the “Excellent Service”?

VIP Services uses the following lines:
- Riyadh/ Al Khobar/ Riyadh
- Maddina/ Mecca/ Maddina
- Maddina/ Jeddah/ Maddina
- Maddina/ Industrial Yanbu/ Maddina
- Jeddah/ Yanbu/ Jeddah 

What is your rental private bus service?

This is a rental service for direct beneficiaries or for organizers of special programs, for transporting local and foreign Umrah performers and visitors inside Mecca and Madina, as well as for renting for private trips to touristic and archaeological areas both within and between cities. Rentals can be made by the hour or by the day. 

Can I benefit from the rental service of buses inside and outside the Kingdom?

Yes, you can benefit from the service inside and outside the Kingdom. 

What are the services of international transportation?

It’s a service of renting buses for transporting Hajj and Umrah performers and visitors, particularly to states associated with the Company’s services, via its external agents and tourism offices.

What are the services offered for prayers?

​These services transp people from their apartments and hotels to the Holy Mosque and vice versa, for performing their prayers and rituals.

What are the services for sacred sites?

This is a service of transporting Hajj performers to the sacred sites in Mecca (Holy Mosque - Mona - Arafat – Muzdalifah)

The Company plays a crucial role in transporting Hajj performers, at all phases, for facilitating their transportation and facilitating the performance of rituals. A well-supplied fleet of allocated buses shall be utilized, upon the needs of customers.  

What services are provided by the General Cars Syndicate?

The Company plays a crucial role in transporting Hajj performers, at all phases, for facilitating their transportation and facilitating the performance of rituals.
Through its membership of the General Cars Syndicate, the Company takes an active involvement in transporting Hajj performers from airports, moving between cities (Mecca – Jeddah – Madina) before and after the sacred rituals, and transports Hajj performers to the sacred sites (Mona - Arafat – Muzdalifah) using a well-supplied fleet of allocated buses.   

What Umrah Services are provided?

​The Company plays a crucial role in Umrah activity, in terms of providing visas to the Company’s external agents, receiving Umrah performers, and transporting them between Umrah cities (Jeddah – Mecca – Madina) for all phases, for facilitating the transportation and the performance of holy rituals.  

What services are offered forcontinuing contracts?

In order to meet the needs of multiple classes of companies, foundations, schools and universities, annual contracts are entered into for transporting personnel and laborers from their residences to their workplaces, besides transporting students and trainees from their residences to the schools, universities, institutes and training centers easily and simply. 

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